Academic Writing for International Relations II

Course Description: 

Section C – Thesis Related Writing (Mandatory for all)

Proposal Writing

Aims:    To identify the aims of a proposal in general, and the thesis proposal in particular. We discuss the main features, possible structuring and the main problems with proposals

Proposal Writing – Peer Review

Aims:    To consider what criteria might apply to assess effective proposals, to then analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your colleagues’ proposals before making changes to your first draft after the session

Mandatory Consultation on the Thesis Proposal before submission to the department

Thesis Structure

Aims:    To consider issues related to possible structuring a thesis, the logic, clarity, and coherence through the thesis and analysis of the metadiscourse within a previous thesis submitted to the Dept.

Learning Outcomes: 

By the end of this part of the course, you will have had the chance to:

  • identify a possible reserach problem or puzzle
  • identify how it fits with the current literature
  • suggest an approriate solution to the problem or puzzle
  • identify a possible structure to the proposed thesis

Assessment is based on attendance and a mandatory consultation on the proposal before submission to the department.