Data Analysis for Economic Policy 1

Course Description: 

Data Analysis 1 introduces regression analysis, the fundamental method of data analysis. This course enables students to carry out simple data analysis and evaluate other people’s analyses in the context of business and economic policy. The emphasis is on acquiring simple but credible methods and learning the tools of convincing presentation. Along with methods, the course emphasizes the importance of details of measurements and data structure. This course covers topics including data management, descriptive data analysis and visualization, regression analysis, time series regressions methodology. 

Learning Outcomes: 

By successfully completing the course the students will be able to:

- Successfully formulate research questions that are answerable by empirical analysis;

- Identify, gather and obtain appropriate data for analysis;

- Clean and structure data for analysis;

- Produce meaningful descriptive statistics and informative graphs;

- Carry out simple regression analysis;

- Discuss and interpret results, understand validity and constraints.

- Present empirical analysis and write short reports with data;

- Evaluate the merits of presentations and reports that use data.


Quizzes 20%

Assignments 20%

Exam: 60%

Passing the course requires a passing score on the exam (over 50%)



Prerequisite: Introduction to Data Analysis (Pre-Session).

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