European Governance in the Global World

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Course Description: 

The objective of the course is to provide students with the analytical tools to understand some pivotal problems of global governance and specific solutions proposed by Europe. The semester is structured in four parts. The introduction presents the main challenges to global governance and the specific regional answers of Europe. The second part deals with questions of policy-making beyond the state: norm setting and the ‘vertical perspective’ in multi-level governance. The third part analyzes the problems of legitimacy and democracy of EU multi-level governance. The fourth part treats the EU’s role as a global actor and questions of the emerging global order.


Learning Outcomes: 

The course’s main aim is to provide students with a strong understanding of: 1) the need for global governance and the role of states and regional players; 2) factors shaping integrated governance at the EU level in the global world; 3) the impact of recent challenges on the EU’s role as a regional and global actor; By the end of the course students will: 1) acquire a good understanding of the key political and economic motivations of governance beyond the state level; 2) critically engage with the debates on the problems of European integration; 3) apply their knowledge of the tools of policy analysis to empirical cases like the revision of EU competences, common policies and institutions.



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