Evolution of European Political Order

Course Description: 

The course aims at providing students with an understanding of the evolution of European political order from antiquity up to the dissolution of the ancien régime. Still, this is not a ‘history’ course. Rather, the objective is to familiarise students with the ways of theorising international political order which, instead of focusing on some ahistorical, unchanging patterns, pay attention to the historically-acquired, contextually specific differences. This emphasis on differences and change, rather than continuity, also applies to the choice of approaches to the subject. Thus various conceptions of historiography - from materialist to the history of ideas - are presented. In the second term this course will be followed up with another one - Evolution of Global Political Order - tracing the transformation of European political order into a global arrangement since the First World War. Students thinking of taking that course are not required, and yet strongly encouraged, to take the current one.

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