Global Economy: Emergence and Current Issues

Course Description: 

This course presents systematic explanation of the emergence of the global economy. This course is prepared as a broad introduction to the topics at the centre of policy debates, which the student - who may one day be involved in policy making in different contexts - might find useful. The course is taught in non-technical manner.

Learning Outcomes: 

In this course students are able to understand some important concepts of the global economy. The main goal is to provide students with some historical underpinnings of the global economy as well as its current driving forces.  Students are led to formulate their own research question.


50% of the total grade; presence in class 5%, presentation 12%, quiz 8%, final paper  25%. Extra credit will be given for constructive classroom discussion.


No special pre-requisites are required. This course is accessible to anyone with a solid under-graduate background in social sciences. 

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