Ben Schrader

Postdoctoral Fellow
Vigyazo Ferenc u. 2

Ben is a postdoctoral fellow of Narrative Politics. He is a war veteran turned peace activist turned academic. Once he exited the military he wanted to understand his experience so he started studing Political Science and Sociology at Colorado State Univeristy. It was here that Ben also began getting interested in different forms of social justice activism from socioeconomic issues to racial justice. After recieving his Bachelors, he continued at Colorado State and recieved a Masters in Ethnic Studies. His Master's thesis titled "The Tea Party: The discourse of class, race, gender and sexuality," focused on the recent American Tea Party movement and their radicalization of conservative politics. 

Ben then went to the University of Hawaii, and recieved a PhD in Political Science. His PhD dissertation, titled, " Live to Fight, Fight to Live: Mapping veteran narratives of violence in peace," examined military veterans who exited the military to become social justice activists. He completed his PhD in May 2015, and returned to his alma matter Colorado State University to teach in the Ethnic Studies and Political Science departments. 

Ben has published in the Journal of Narrative Politics: (2014) Auto-Archeology and Political Affect of War. As well as in the journal Critical Military Studies: (2017) The Affect of Veteran Activism. Ben has a number of other published non-academic works, from think pieces to poetry. He is currently working on a number of projects, ranging from turning his dissertation into a book, expanding his work to include veterans from multiple countries, as well as working on a pedegogical book titled, Living War, Writing War, Teaching War

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PhD, Political Science, Political Theory and International Relations, University of Hawaii at Manoa
MA, Ethnic Studies, Colorado State University
BA, Political Science & Sociology, Colorado State University

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