The Department of International Relations is a center of excellence for education, training and research.

The Department integrates international relations research with regional expertise in the European Union and the wider European neighborhood, Central and East Asia, and the Middle East. Attention is paid to the evolving role of the EU, Russia, China, and the US in international affairs, the rise of new powers and the role of non-state actors in world politics and the global economy. The Department combines international relations theory, international political economy and security studies with multidisciplinary approaches to the study of transnational, national and sub-national politics.


Saturday May 04

Friday May 03

Friday March 29

Katalin Amon, Martino Comelli, Thomas Fetzer, Violetta Zentai, Manuel Aalbers, Sebastian Kohl, Emil Vargovic, Zsuzsanna Posfai, Gorkem Atsungur, Bence Kovats
10:00am to 6:30pm

Thursday March 28

Reka Branyiczki, Mustafa Utku Gungor, Anil Duman, Michael Dorsch, Nemanja Batricevic, Krisztina Szabo, Francesco Trentini, Inna Melnykovska, Gabor Simonovits, Manuel Aalbers
10:00am to 7:30pm

Wednesday March 27

Ekaterina Paustyan , Dominik Brenner, Pedro Perfeito da Silva, Michael Zeller, Carsten Q. Schneider, Andrew X. Li, Tim Haesebrouck , Alexandru Moise, Aleksei Sorbale, David Alemna
1:30pm to 6:30pm

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Why Study International Relations at CEU?

Why Study International Relations at CEU?