Dóra Piroska on academic freedom in Hungary

August 11, 2023

A recent article in Chemistry World, a monthly chemistry news magazine published by the Royal Society of Chemistry, paints a bleak picture of academic freedom in Hungary today.

As Dóra Piroska says, ‘Every change that undermines democracy is passed as a law or a decree by parliament, where government has two-thirds majority’ .

The CEU Team at Allianz Summer Academy Round Table Presents Findings

June 2, 2015

CEU’s participants to the 2015 Allianz summer academy organized a round table on June 1st to discuss their preliminary report entitled: “Open Borders, Closed Minds:  EU Asylum Policy in Crisis”. The event attracted participants from CEU as well as the Hungarian civil society. The discussion surrounding the report raised a number of critical issues concerning the implementation of EU asylum policies as well as the domestic treatment of asylum seekers and the effects of current political developments in Hungary.

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