How do I register for ACIPE?

You only need to send an email to the Program Coordinator [HegedusK[at]] and indicate your interest and degree program (title of the program and length, 1 or 2 years). 

Do I need to register for ACIPE in SITS? 
No, there is no option to register for ACIPE in SITS. 

Will ACIPE be visible in my transcript or diploma? 
Advanced Certificate is issued as a diploma supplement and signed by both Program Director and the Rector. Qualified graduates receive ACIPE certificates from the registry office together with their CEU diplomas and final transcripts.

ACIPE is not visible in my interim transcript. 
Should you need a confirmation (for a conference, a travel grant application, etc) about your enrollment, we can issue an official letter stating you are pursuing ACIPE. 

Will ACIPE Program Director read or evaluate my final thesis? 
No, ACIPE Director will only pre-screen it and provide feedback to students and supervisors if needed. 

What does pre-screening include? 
Upon request from the Program Coordinator, each student enrolled in ACIPE needs to submit a working title, an abstract and the name of the supervisor.