MA in Global Economic Relations

The Department of International Relations asks applicants to fulfill the following requirements / submit the following documents, in addition to CEU's general admission requirements:

Degree requirement

Applicants are expected to hold an internationally recognized Bachelor's degree or comparable degree. Accepted applicants come from a wide variety of academic backgrounds, although preference is given to students with a degree in the social sciences (including history, political science, law, and philosophy). However, a comparable degree in other Social Sciences, Humanities, or other disciplines will also be considered in case of an excellent academic record.

Required documents

In their online application package, applicants to the MA in Global Economic Relations need to submit the following documents (Department-specific requirements are bolded):

  • Completed online CEU application form;
  • two confidential letters of recommendation (academic); 
  • relevant undergraduate and graduate transcripts and diplomas;
  • a full curriculum vitae or resume, including a list of publications, if any;
  • a max. 500-word essay;
  • a one-page statement of purpose;
  • proof of relevant English language competency.

The statement of purpose should describe the applicant's previous studies and/or research undertaken. It should also include some explanation as to how this has motivated the application to IR, as well as how the MA potentially fits into future work or studies.

The focus of the essay should demonstrate knowledge on a specific topic; for example, a particular writer's work, a theory or school of thought, or an empirical case, and demonstrate how this topic, from the perspective of International Relations or a related social science discipline, would relate to the applicant's future studies and research in the department.