Democratic Erosion in Comparative Perspective: Hungary and Brazil

January 25, 2022

This panel examines two dramatic cases of democratic erosion in the world today: Hungary and Brazil. Both electorates voluntarily chose leaders, Orbán in Hungary and Bolsonaro in Brazil, who have undermined the quality of democratic governance in their respective countries. Our panelists explain why populations brought these figures to power, what governing strategies Orbán and Bolsonaro have used since assuming office, their approaches toward their economies and corruption, and ideas for restoring democratic quality, including media freedom. This event was part of the Sié Center's Responsible Public Engagement Initiative, sponsored by the Carnegie Corporation of New York. Hosted by the Sié Center for International Security and the Institute for Comparative and Regional Studies.

Panelists: Professor Dóra Piroska from Central European University in Vienna, Austria and Professor Rafael Ioris from the Department of History and the Korbel School at the University of Denver.

Moderator: Rachel Epstein, Senior Associate Dean for Research and Faculty at the Korbel School.

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