Eli Cloonan about Global Economic Relations program

There are probably two words that would most accurately describe my experience at CEU: serendipitous and unexpected. Making the decision to go to CEU was a gamble because my program is in the Economics and International Relations Departments, and I had never really taken any Economics classes before. I have certainly faced difficulties, but in my Economics courses, I have been able to make marks that are up to my standards. There are so many courses to choose from between the two departments combined, and I have met so many people because of the classes that I have taken.
In my mind, most graduate schools in my home country heavily isolate the students in each department, so people do not get very many opportunities to meet those they do not have classes with. At CEU, it could not be more different. I feel included as a member of the community, and I have even been able to meet people who do not go to the university. Additionally, I come from a town of fewer than 50,000 in a pretty homogeneous part of the United States. So I certainly welcome all of the diversity that CEU has to offer, and I definitely value the positive energy at CEU, as well as the energy in Budapest.
Months before finally coming to CEU, I had watched a video about student life at the university. One of the people in the video said that everyone at CEU was always smiling and friendly. I took this statement at face value, and I haven’t been disappointed