Visiting Fellows and Researchers

The Department of International Relations currently hosts 2 Post-Doctoral Fellows, their profiles are listed below.

Yoav Galai (Israel) 

Yoav Galai is a former photojournalist and NGO project manager who did his PhD at the University of St Andrews. He specializes in narrative politics, visual politics and Israel Palestine. As a postdoctoral fellow at the CEU, Yoav is exploring visual culture and political practices of landscaping in Israel and Europe.

Benjamin Schrader (USA) 

Benjamin Schrader is a CEU Postdoctoral Fellow in Narrative Politics. His work focuses on military veterans who have become activists and what that means to democracy. While his work has been primarily US-centric, his current project hopes to create an international perspective of his theoretical concept, the soldiers contract. The inspiration for his work comes from his time as both a combat soldier and as a social justice activist. His publications include “The Affect of Veteran Activism” (Critical Military Studies, 2017), and “Auto-Archeology and Political Affect of War” (Journal of Narrative Politics, 2014). Ben was previously an instructor at Colorado State University in the Political Science department and the Ethnic Studies department. His courses focus on war, theory, narrative, and activism. For more information on Ben’s work visit 

Academic Rank: 
Postdoctoral Fellow
Akademia u. 1