CEU and Bard to Offer New Joint International Relations MA Program Track

December 15, 2022

Students applying to Central European University’s (CEU) one-year Master's program in International Relations can now choose between two customized tracks: New York City and Vienna, thanks to a new collaboration between Bard College and CEU which features student mobility and distinct specialization opportunities.

Webinar on MA in International relations program (1 year)

November 25, 2022

Prospective students interested in pursuing one-year master's program in international relations are welcome to join our webinar where we will answer any questions on the program structure, "New York" and "Vienna" tracks, capstone project, internships and specializations. 


Erzsebet Strausz on writing, knowledge, pedagogy and transformational practice

October 19, 2022

Erzsebet Strausz has contributed to the special issue ‘What is an Author?’: Critical Reflections on Authors and Authority in Critical Security Studies edited by Tina Managhan and Dan Bulley with at article "Writing with Foucault: openings to transformational knowledge practices in and beyond the classroom". 

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Christopher LaRoche on the role of historical analogies for the Foreign Policy magazine

October 19, 2022

Christopher LaRoche in his recent article for the Foreign Policy titled "Ukraine Isn’t Munich—or Vietnam or Berlin" argues that historical analogies can harm more than help in understanding crises.

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Xymena Kurowska is co-teaching a seminar at The European Forum Alpbach

August 22, 2022

Associate Professor Xymena Kurowska is co-teaching a seminar "Securing Europe Amidst Current Insecurities" at The European Forum Alpbach. Participants in the seminar explore traditional and alternative visions of European security in the wake of Russia’s war in Ukraine.