Michael Merlingen


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Vienna, Quellenstrasse 51
+43 1 25230 3247

Michael Merlingen teaches an advanced intro course on IR theory and courses on EU foreign and security policy and on social hierarchies in international politics (race, gender, class, sex). His main research interests currently lie in using decolonial thought and historical-materialist theories to offer alternative insights into EU relations, practices and policies. His most recent publications explore ideological contestation in the EU as a crisis of interpellation and how this crisis affects EU foreign policy; and the economic, security and ideological elements of EU foreign policy, which is made intelligible as an internationalised state project through which class power is exercised. Michael has previously published extensively on Foucault, and remains interested in (post-)Foucauldian thinking in and beyond IR.

Current PhD supervision topics:

* Identity Formation And The Transformation Of The Colonized Native In Indian-Occupied Kashmir
* Western Researchers And Social Movements In The Global South: The Coloniality Of Ethnography & The Promise Of Decolonial Militant Research

* EU-China relations In A Postcolonial Perspective


PhD, University of British Columbia

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