Research Groups and Centers

Students are strongly encouraged to participate in the meetings and seminars organized by the research groups which are closely associated with the three specializations offered by the department, namely Global Order and Politics (GOP), International Political Economy and Development (IPE), and Conflict and Security (CONSEC). The research groups are led by IR faculty members and PhD students of CEU's Doctoral School. 


The mission of PERG is to foster collaborative research among the CEU faculty and students working in the area of political economy in general and in the field of varieties of transnational capitalisms inparticular. PERG began with regular informal meetings of faculty and PhD students in 2006. Since January 2007 it has been formalized with a statute as an official student-faculty research group whose membership runs across several CEU departments.

PERG organizes weekly paper seminars, where members and non-members sign up and present their most recent papers or paper drafts, and to discuss them with a discussant. The research group also organizes reading group sessions on the most recent books in political economy. It organizes annual workshops, conferences, guest lectures, and PERG social events as well.




The Conflict & Security Research Group (ConSec) is a multi-disciplinary forum of academic exchange for students and faculty whose academic interests lie within the broad field of conflict and security studies. The topics covered by the research group include, but are not restricted to, ethnic and ideological civil wars, political violence, peace-building, third party intervention, conflict management, ethnic politics, Diasporas and migration, nationalism, identity and foreign policy.

The group welcomes new members who are working in any of these areas. The ConSec convenes regularly to discuss the ongoing research of its members with a view toward enhancing research productivity and high-profile publications; the group is also open to other forms of academic exchange, including invited talks by guest speakers, discussion of new books and articles, screening of documentaries, or public debates on ongoing developments in the field of conflict and security, and so on. 

Contact information:
Barbora Valikova (PhD student) –
Erin Jenne (Professor) -

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Global Politics and Practice (GPP) research group is a platform of learning and reflection for students, faculty, and researchers interested in critical perspectives on world politics. We aim to explore interactions and intersections between theory, practice and modes of study that also engage the ethics of research and the positionality of the researcher. GPP focuses on and seeks to inspire research practices that transcend disciplinary boundaries and open space up of for innovative, creative, and caring knowledge practices that directly engage the everyday and the multiplicity of life worlds, including the contemporary structures of higher education.

The research group offers different formats of engagement that include guest lectures, workshops, roundtables and reading sessions. We welcome interdisciplinary contributions and interventions of all forms drawing on (but not limited to) insights from sociology, anthropology, linguistics, political theory, political economy, performance studies, culture, art, and media studies.

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Other research groups 


Bringing together the diverse migration scholarship at CEU departments, research centers, and other units, the Migration Research Group (MiRG) has been established in 2016, providing a platform across disciplines for faculty, students and researchers at CEU who have an interest in the study of mobility and migration. The group holds regular meetings for informal and congenial debate of migration topics and to discuss ongoing research of the members with a specialized audience.

Furthermore, MiRG seeks to foster collaborative research among its members. Additionally, it organizes events, workshops, and public lectures to raise the visibility and impact of migration research at CEU.

If you are interested in joining the migration research group, please feel free to come to our bi-weekly meetings and/or write to


If you want to sign up for the MiRG mailing list write to

Center for Ethics and Law in Biomedicine (CELAB)

The interdisciplinarity of the issues of ethics and law of science and technology create a unique intersection of research fields also at the Central European University, where more and more students choose a topic in bioethical and scientific ethical issues. Their interest in this interdisciplinary domain is indicative of the growing importance of this field of study. To promote research and teaching in the field of bioethics and biomedical law in 2005 CEU established the Center for Ethics and Law in Biomedicine. The Center shall assist scholars and students in their ongoing research and represent the University in international research consortia. 

The Middle East and North Africa Space (MENAS)

The Middle East and North Africa Space (MENAS) is a research group dedicated to the study of issues related to the Middle East and North Africa. It is housed at the Central European University in Budapest, within the department of political science. The aim of MENAS is to bring together scholars working on these regions. It organizes events such as seminars, paper discussions, and workshops, and social events such as movie nights and Arabic language practice.

The OSUN Hub for the Politics of the Anthropocene (OHPA)

Focusing on political rather than ecological aspects of the Anthropocene, OHPA monitors the crucial interface between nature and societies amid its radical transformation. This broad focus embraces the political turbulence and military conflicts of the decarbonization era; oil curse and other pathologies of the world order; popular awareness of the climate crisis and of the mitigation measures; green activism and party politics in Europe; critical studies of greenwashing and climate denialism; contrasts and interconnectedness of the transition processes in the global South and the global North.



The Political Behavior Research Group (POLBERG) is a research-facilitating and learning environment for the study of political behavior and political communication. It organizes regular seminars with paper presentations, replication seminars, and more informal talks on research methods and emerging research agendas. The events are open to students and faculty from any CEU department as well as interested scholars at other academic institutions, and offer them the opportunity to discuss their own research with a specialist audience.


CEU Research Centers complement research and teaching activities in CEU Departments, enhancing interdisciplinary connections among different academic areas and interfacing academic and policy-relevant activities. The Centers support CEU’s mission by raising the university’s international visibility and deepening its regional embeddedness. Building international partnerships with research institutes, corporations, NGOs and governmental agencies, CEU Research Centers operate large-scale research projects, organize outstanding public events, workshops and conferences, as well as offer fellowships in their respective Research Areas.

Center for Eastern Mediterranean Studies  Vienna, Quellenstrasse 51 | D412
 +36 1 327 3000 x 2215
Center for Ethics and Law in Biomedicine  Budapest, Nador u. 9, Faculty Tower | 704-708
 (+36 1) 327 3000 x2612
Center for Media, Data and Society  Budapest, Nador u. 11 | 316-320
 (+36 1) 327 3000 x2609
Center for Policy Studies  Budapest, Nador u. 11 | 302
 (+36 1) 327 3118
Center for Religious Studies  Vienna, Quellenstrasse 51 | B217
 +43 125-230-2116
 Budapest, Nador u. 11 | 211
 (+36 1) 327 3000 x2170
CEU Democracy Institute  Budapest, Nador u. 13 | 617
 (36-1) 327-3132
Cognitive Development Center  Budapest, Oktober 6 u. 7 | 1st Floor
 (+36 1) 328 3674
Institute for Advanced Study  Budapest, Nador u. 13 | 4th floor
 (+36 1) 327 3000 x2596
Pasts Inc., Center for Historical Studies  Budapest, Nador u. 11 | 215
 (+36 1) 327 3000 x2515
Shattuck Center on Conflict, Negotiation and Recovery  (+43 1) 25230 3110
Social Mind Center  Vienna, Quellenstrasse 51 | C001-008; B109
 (+43) 1 25230 7375
Vera and Donald Blinken Open Society Archives  Budapest, Arany Janos u. 32 | Ground Floor
 (+36 1) 327 3250
Yehuda Elkana Center for Higher Education  Vienna, Quellenstrasse 51 | C424 - C425
 +36 1 327 3000 x 3223