Research Centers

IR is home to several research centers and groups promoting inter-disciplinary, cross-departmental, and international cooperation.


Center for European Enlargement Studies (CENS)

The CENTER FOR EUROPEAN ENLARGEMENT STUDIES (CENS), an independent Center of the Central European University, was founded in 2005 as an institution of advanced research into the EU enlargement process. Our overall goal is to promote a dialogue between member states and partners in Eastern- and Southern-Europe, academics and decision makers in the EU and in national governments so that they may have a more informed understanding of factors that influence Europe's common future. Research carried out encompasses not only the enlargement process, but also a wider range of political, economic and social influences of European integration.

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Asia Research Initiative (ARI)

Whether because signs of a bounce-back from the global financial crisis are beginning to be seen in East Asia; because nuclear proliferation, in the sub-continent or on the Korean peninsula, continues to pose a threat to international security; because we do not know enough of the impact of economic growth on the environment in India and China; because some parts of the post-Soviet space, and beyond, are home to a rather diverse range of non-democratic polities, thus far little studied and understood, Asia calls for greater and rigorous theoretical and empirical enquiry.

The CEU Asia Research Initiative (ARI) was established in 2009 to conduct research, generate and disseminate knowledge in order to raise the profile of scholarly work on Asia at CEU. ARI takes a multi- and inter-disciplinary approach to studying social, political, economic and cultural dynamics in Asia in partnership with academic institutions, governmental and intergovernmental organizations, and civil society.

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Center for European Union Research (CEUR)

The Center for European Union Research (CEUR) is a platform for collaborative research, dissemination and international networking in the field of European Union studies. CEUR is open to all CEU faculty and emphasises an interdisciplinary approach. CEUR is a crucial component of
CEU's research infrastructure. It promotes CEU's profile as a key provider of research and teaching in the field of European Union studies. The primary objective of CEUR is to encourage academic debate and research collaborations among CEU faculty as well as to connect CEU with core academic networks in the field. In this context CEUR hosts a series of events throughout each academic year. Events are open to the entire CEU community and audiences outside CEU.

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