Specialization in Religious Studies

Starting from AY 14/15 IR students (enrolled in both MA 1 year and MA 2 years programs) have the opportunity to participate in the Specialization Religious Studies (SRS). Coordinated by the CEU Center for Religious Studies, the SRS awards a non-degree certificate in Religious Studies, complementing your IR diploma.

MA students enrolled in the Department of International Relations can benefit from this Specialization, which will provide them with advanced knowledge of a subject increasingly in the spotlight - with religion effecting social movements and political discourse, in a way even more relevant than in the recent past, normatively, politically, socially, and legislatively.

Drawing on the university's courses and faculty from a range of departments, the specialization brings together multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary approaches to the study of religion. SRS students will engage in the study of religious phenomena from Late Antiquity up till today, from Ancient Greece to modern Europe or the Arab world. Its diverse course offerings cover the three monotheistic religions, over a vast span of time, and from cross-disciplinary perspectives. Students within the specialization are introduced to core concepts and methods in the social sciences and humanities as applied to religious phenomena, provided in contexts especially relevant to today's conditions.

SRS students have been successful in receiving prestigious international scholarships for further study at leading universities such as Yale, Oxford, Chicago, and Toronto, and European research centers with placements at other universities in Europe.

The SRS offers a number of scholarships to qualified students.

The Central European University is a vibrant, cosmopolitan and unique setting for the study of religion in a historical and comparative perspective. Situated at the crossroad of Empires and of world religions, Budapest offers a microcosm of the interactions of religions, cultures and societies, enhanced by the cosmopolitan nature, direction and student and faculty composition of this institution, accredited both in the US and in Hungary and, by extension, in the European Union.

To find out how to apply for an SRS scholarship or more information on how to join the Specialization Religious Studies track, please contact the Center for Religious Studies Coordinator, Esther Holbrook (religion at ceu edu).