Student Voices

Read what our students say in their own words about their experience at the university and department, as well as about conferences attended and internships they had during their MA programs.  


Sonia Ushijima De La Fuente writes about her internship in NYC (Asia Society Policy Institute)

Bahruz Samadov at Forum 2000 and Youth Workshop in Prague

Fatih Cungurlu shares his expreience about the internship with the Council on Foreign Relations, NYC

Isabel Seiden writes about vibrant CEU environment 

Jazmin Topuzidu: "it is the people who make this university outstanding"

Turgut Can Pehlevan about the department


Eli Cloonan about Global Economic Relations program

Azka shares her story of dealing with depression while pursuing her Master's studies

Joseph Watkins: "wouldn’t mind doing it all again!"

Bori Bretus on being a Hungarian student at CEU

Zhuldyz Zhunusova about personal growth

Patricia Petra Velicu on critical thinking

Dorka Takácsy about student involvement in the decision making process