Boldizsár Nagy to give a talk at 2018 Harvard European Law Symposium

March 19, 2018

On April 6, 2018 professor Nagy will give a talk titled Isolation and openness. Dialectics in the control of migration within the EU and with third states at the 2018 Harvard European Law Symposium organized by the Harvard European Law Association (HELA).

The talk will be part of the dialogue with the US colleagues in which experts from both sides of the Atlantic will reflect on the isolationist tendencies in the US and within the EU. Among others, the field of migration will be analysed from that viewpoint with special emphasis on the discourse based on national security. Boldizsár Nagy’s contribution will assess that in four contexts: EU-third countries (particularly Libya), the EU as a union (relocation, Schengen controls reinstallation), V4 (are they one block?), Hungary (securitization and majority identitarian populism, combined with crimmigration in the control of migration).