MA in International Relations (2 years)

The program is intended for students who have graduated from a three-year undergraduate program and would like to proceed with their studies more thoroughly, possibly with a view of a preparing themselves for a doctoral degree.

The two-year MA Program in International Relations combines rigorous theoretical and methodological academic training in international relations with area expertise.

In the first year the program provides students with a general foundation in international relations, plus more specific exposure to questions relating to the study of international security and the global economy. In the second year, through a combination of gateway and elective courses, it allows students to specialize in a number of sub-fields (eg. conflict and security; development). In addition to exposure to the main areas of teaching in the program, students will also receive thorough preparation in academic writing, and research design and methods.

The program complements solid academic education with training in practical and transferable skills to enable our graduates to be competitive on the job market within and outside academia.

Tentative Curriculum:


Fall Semester (16 credits)

Mandatory (12 credits): ‘Making Everything Great Again’: International Relations Theory (4), International Political Economy (4), Research Design and Methods in IR I (2), Academic Writing for International Relations (2).

Mandatory Elective (4 credits):One gateway course depending on the specialisation (security, development or no specialisation).

You can find all courses here.

Winter Semester (14 credits)

The Winter Semester consists of 14 credits. (6 credits of mandatory courses and 8 credits of elective courses).

Students must take the following mandatory course:
Research Design and Methods in IR II for 2 credits (for all students), and


1. SECURITY: Nationalism Populism and Ethnic Conflict Management in Eastern Europe  (4 credits)
2. DEVELOPMENT: Political Economy of Development (4 credits)

No gateway course is required, but students have to take at least one course for 4 credits or two courses for 2 credits from the list of elective courses.

Spring Semester (optional 2 credits)

Students may take courses available in the Spring Term, but only two credits will be considered and deducted from the credit count of the 2nd year.
Students also may take part in an internship.


Fall Semester (12 credits)

Mandatory (4 credits): Thesis related work and other skills workshops

Elective (8 credits): For specialisation from the relevant group. Without specialisation any course offered by the department. You can find all courses here.

Winter Semester (8 credits)

Mandatory (2 credits): Thesis writing workshop

Mandatroy Elective (4):4 credits for ‘specialization courses’ for specializations or 4 credit course to be chosen as ‘mandatory elective’ for those with no specialization; and 2 credits for elective courses. You can find all courses here.

(Elective (2): Any course offered by the department. You can find all courses here.)

Entry Requirements

You can find detailed information on the CEU`s general admission procedure here and on our program specific requirements here