Best thesis


Rebecca Deasy-Millar (Supervisor: Paul Roe)
Letitia Roman (Supervisor: Erin Jenne)

Anastasiia Posnova (Supervisor: Xymena Kurowska)
Wickrama Karaluarachchige Inuri Nimaya Premachandra (Supervisor: Xymena Kurowska)


Thinking the Caucasus after Bourdieu : heteronomy and heterogeneity in the social lives of security
Korsten Thijs (Supervisor: Xymena Kurowska)
Vienna : Central European University, 2022

Politics in the consequences : re-thinking the political implications of art by looking at the institutional practice of hosting artists at-risk

Rupp Tizian Natale (Supervisor: Erzsebet Strausz)
Vienna : Central European University, 2022


Women in leadership : (in)visible challenges and countermeasures / Alia Belle Flanigan
Flanigan Alia Belle (Supervisor: Michael Merlingen)
Vienna : Central European University, 2021


In-between affinity and difference : (re)constructing traditional Lithuanianness within the paradigm
Gailiunaite, Paule (Supervisor: Michael Merlingen)
Budapest : Central European University, 2020


Unmaking violence of the international community : politics of categorization and forced repatriatio
Ogula Vladimir (Supervisor: Erzsebet Strausz)
Budapest : Central European University, 2019

Post-Soviet Kaliningraders and place identity : an autoethnographic approach / Jack Patrick Butler
Butler Jack Patrick (Supervisor: Erzsebet Strausz)
Budapest : Central European University, 2019

Bridging the gap between sustainable development and degrowth through the strategy of goal-setting /
Velicu, Patricia Petra (Supervisor: Mate Nikola Tokic)
Budapest : Central European University, 2018