Tuition, Fees and Living Expenses

The information about the Tuition and Other fees for academic year 2021/22 are listed  hereThese do not include the Student Enrollment Fee, accommodation, and other living expenses

What about living in Vienna on a budget? Our student Rodrigo Gabriel Hernandez Rodriguez shares his thoughts on living in the Austrian capital as a student. Professor Boldizsár Nagy also offers his view on the cost of life in Vienna compared to Budapest. 

Work and Your CEU Studies includes information about some of the challenges connected with finding work and working on a student residence permit in Austria, links to sources of information about working in Austria that might be especially useful for students from non-EU countries, and a list of potentially-useful Austrian job-seeking platforms and resources

Registration Fee €100 (one-time, non-refundable)
Austrian Student Union Fee €41.40/academic year (€20.70 per semester)
Student Enrollment Fee €200/academic year (non-refundable)
Accommodation at CEU-contracted student residence

€4,340/academic year (€434/month plus one-time fees)* 

One-time, refundable fees:

  • €50 key deposit
  • €868 two months' room deposit 
Food €4,000/academic year (€400/month) - estimate
Local transportation €150/year (€75/semester)
Books and supplies (estimated) €200/academic year and a laptop
Personal expenses (estimated) €2,500/academic year (€250/month) - estimate
Student health insurance Covered by CEU