Current Students

Can I take courses from other departments?

You may take courses for a maximum of four credit from another department (one four-credit course or two two-credit courses) during the academic year without permission of the Program Director. Please consult with the instructor of the course you want to take and in case there is a mutual agreement, send your request to your Program Director and CC your Program Coordinator.

Please note that cross-listed courses do not count towards this limit.

I am not sure what courses I should take. Who can I talk to?

It is compulsory to attend all the introductory classes during the zero week where you have a chance to get an overview of the courses for both fall and winter semesters, to talk to the professors and to ask specific questions related to the course, its structure and assignments.

Where can I get a transcript of my grades?

You can download an unofficial copy of your transcript from the Infosys.

For an official copy, please turn to Student Records Office.

Where should I submit my missing documents on from my previous educational institutions?

Please submit any necessary documentation to the Student Records Office at your earliest convenience. Do not wait until graduation to submit these documents as your degree certificate will not be processed until they are received (true story!).

How many classes can I miss?

The department`s policy on attendance is outlined by the Attendance Guidelines for IR students:

Attendance at classes and other compulsory elements of a course (simulation, on the spot visit etc.) is obligatory. Exceptionally, absences are justified only in the circumstances described below under points 2 and 3.
In case of illness, absences are justified if supported by appropriate medical documentation, to be submitted to the IR office.
Absences unrelated to medical reasons are justified only if approved by the course instructor who also determines if and how the absence is to be compensated for (e.g by extra assignments). The maximum number of such absences may exceed two per course only if approved by the head of the department.
Absences not covered by points 2 and 3 are unjustified absences, and they are sanctioned as follows:
Unjustified absence may lead to a deduction from the overall grade for the course, each unjustifiedly missed class entitling the instructor to deduct one-third of a grade point (e.g. from A- to B+)
In accordance with para 6.2. of the CEU’s Handbook on Student Rights, Rules, and Academic Regulations
„More than a week of unjustified absence – meaning absence without notice, or absence without approval – noted by an instructor and the department or program head, may result in the immediate suspension of financial aid. The decision is made by the department or program head. Normal courses of appeal are applicable to this case as well.”
Unjustified absence from 30% or more of the classes and other obligatory events leads to the dismissal from the Master's program.
The total number of justified and unjustified absences must not exceed one-third of all the classes.
Students register their attendance in class lists circulated by the instructor at the beginning of each class. On request, these registers are accessible to students