Scholarships and Financial Aid

CEU is committed to attracting talented students from around the world. The University offers a range of scholarship, fellowship, and loan options for students studying in the Department of International Relations and encourages students to seek external sources of funding. 

Doctoral candidates applying by the relevant application deadline are automatically considered for the CEU Doctoral Scholarship.

Applications for admission to our master's programs by self-funding students continue to be accepted after the deadline for master's students seeking financial aid.

FAQ about  Financial Aid.

Types of CEU financial aid:

As of 2022/23:

CEU Master’s Excellence Scholarship  - 1,000 EUR/month

CEU Master's Distinction Scholarship  - 750 EUR/month

CEU Master's Scholarship  - 500 EUR/month

CEU Master's Partial Scholarship  - 300 EUR/month

Please note: Students can receive financial aid for a program at the same academic level only once. For example, a student who has received financial aid for master’s studies can pursue a second master's degree at CEU on a self-financing basis only

External scholarships for CEU studentsConsultation with CEU's external scholarships officer Bernadett Balint


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