IR experience

When you choose a program to apply for at a university, this is not just about the name of a degree it offers. Nor is it only about the courses it contains. It is a much more comprehensive package that includes the city you are going to spend the next year or two of your life, the people you will be surrounded with, as well as all those intangible vibes that make up the overall experience that is going to stay with you for life. At least this is how we see it here, at CEU International Relations Department.

Johanna Maarja Tiik is 2nd year student of the 2-years MA program at the Department of International Relations at CEU. Get to know her exciting IR experience.

'International' may get you a job, 'relations' is what really matters. We do not just study foreign policy analysis or security studies, for example. We put together a program in which these, as well as other sub-fields, are explored in their relation to each other. Moreover, students' experience in our programs is not limited to the classroom. "Social hours' in the city, be it Vienna or New York, town-hall meetings and individual consultations with faculty are all integral parts of this experience.

So, with the application deadline for the next Academic Year approaching fast, we are starting a series of posts in which our professors and current students share some of their 'IR experiences.'

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