Turgut Can Pehlevan about the department

Studying International Relations at CEU has been a great chapter in my life. CEU has not only contributed massively to my academic skills but has had a massive impact on my self-development as a person as well. 
One of the main reasons for CEU’s great impact in my life is the department’s excellence in helping its students to experience the rich, interdisciplinary world of International Relations and giving them the freedom and courage to construct and deconstruct knowledge. 
The second important factor is CEU’s commitment to preserve and continuously improve its multi-cultural fabric that enriches the inner world of everyone who is involved in this social project. This multi-cultural social environment helps one to identify where and who they are in this world that surrounds us. 
All these combined, I can easily say that CEU does not only offer an excellent International Relations program with its respected academic staff but a complete experience that will establish the necessary foundations inside someone to help them find the greater meanings in life and carry this skill to their further journeys.