Xymena Kurowska in the roundtable discussion on the geopolitics of the war in Ukraine

April 5, 2022

What are the likely geopolitical implications of the war in Ukraine?

We are holding a roundtable on the geopolitical implications of the war in the Ukraine. The panelists will address three sets of questions: 
• How does the war affect countries in Africa and Eastern Europe, as well as China? And how have these countries reacted?
• What role do the United Nations and other global and regional International Organisations play in the politics of the war?
• What are the likely geopolitical implications? Will the war push the world towards bipolarity, fragmentation or a new multilateral settlement? 


Xymena Kurowska | Central European University

Matthew Stephen | WZB Berlin Social Science Center

Alex Veit | University of Bremen

Zoom link will be sent up on registration.

This roundtable will be recorded.