Student Life in Vienna

What about living in Vienna on a budget? Our student Rodrigo Gabriel Hernandez Rodriguez shares his thoughts on living in the Austrian capital as a student:

"It is hard not to enjoy this city, unless you were born here. The Viennese are famous for their talent to complain, locally known as Wiener Jammern. Yet, let's not argue with multiple surveys recognizing Vienna as the most livable city in the world and enjoy the highest quality of life it can offer. Such quality obviously has its price, but it is much easier to live in Vienna on a budget compared to other European capitals, such as London or Paris. Here are some tips: 

 - all students under 26 regardless of their country of origin are eligible for a considerable number of discounts (banking services, public transport and train tickets, museums, cinemas, mobile phone plans, gyms, etc);

- going out does not have to cost a fortune. Just take advantage of well maintained public spaces and enjoy your free time there without paying through the nose. For instance, during the warmer seasons you can go for a dip to the old Danube, have a picnic at the Türkenschantzpark or have a drink while lying on one Enzi in the centric MQ".

Below are some additional tips on discovering Vienna for students: