Zoltán Marcell Aguera about interning at the Council of Foreign Relations

Fall 2019

"My mother is Hungarian, my father is from France and he is a journalist. Therefore, I’m grateful that here, in New York, I can have a similar work at the Council of Foreign Relations, an independent organisation, think tank and publisher. As an editorial intern, I’m involved in the process of creating accurate and detailed articles on international affairs. With the spread of social media and the development of technology, media outlets speeded up the publishing process to the expense of accuracy. On top of that, pseudo-experts are being asked by self-made journalists, while unreliable sources are used without fact-checking. That is why the need for a reliable and up-to-date news site is more desirable than ever before. CFR decided to take that initiative by gathering talented experts and enhancing the spread of accurate and detailed information on current international events, hence generating an intellectual conversation. The responsibility of the authors is huge, so as the reward. And being followed by more than 400 thousand people on social media or having ambassadors, policy makers and acknowledged journalist among the members of CFR proves that hard work do actually pays off".

Zoltán Marcell Aguera is 2nd year student of the 2-years MA program at the Department of International Relations at CEU.
In New York, he is participating in the BGIA program which combines professional internship and academic courses.

PC: @tamasfarbaky